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Terms and Conditions

The salient features of the membership plan, are as follows:

  • The membership fees is applicable for all members with a star rating, as well as new members who have already completed 2 free complimentary drives.
  • Newly registered Members and any non driving passengers are exempt from the membership fees.
  • New members can avail first 2 drives free, to have the experience and decide if this adventure sport suits their disposition & temperament.
  • The Membership fee is valid for 3, 6 or 12 calendar months (based on member selection) from the date of payment.
  • The system is active now, for members to pay the fees online, from 1st September ‘2020.
  • The members will be entitled to special discounts on parts, accessories and services that we will be negotiated with vendors from time to time.
  • The members will be entitled to 50% discounts on any special events and overnight drives of Dubai Offroaders.

You can Call or WhatsApp us if you face any problems or have any questions. Thank you.

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