Dubai Offroaders, has been one of the first, organized offroading club in the UAE of its kind, founded in April 2007, with the objective of providing a safe off road driving and Camping Adventure experience to the novice and the experienced alike, under the supervision of Experienced, qualified Marshals.

Dubai Offroaders is Licensed by Dubai Economic Department under the License of MUGHAMARAT ALTURUQ ALWAERA CAMPING ORGANIZING (مغامرات الطرق الوعرة لتنظيم رحلت التخييم).

Today, many years later, it is one of the premier off road Adventure Clubs in the Middle East. The club organizes multiple, family-friendly events each week, which range from self-driven rallies, adventure trips, expedition trips, and overnight camping & BBQ trips.

The club is open to everyone of any skill level from pure first-timers to advance.

The club fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie where professionalism and safety are paramount.