Corporate and Events Services

Tailored Exclusive Desert Driving Experiences

We offer some of the best and most exclusive events and team building experiences. We, at Dubai Offroaders, provide the perfect solution – exclusive desert driving experiences designed to impress your customers or reward your employees. Our range of services spans from comprehensive event planning to hands-on instruction from our trained marshals.

Why choose our services?
Our customers choose Dubai Offroaders for events such as
1) Product presentation or launching
2) Team building events
3) Exclusive experience for customers

One: Your Event, Your Way

Our corporate events can be fully tailored based on your requirements. We handle everything from planning, location research, venue organization, dining setup, client pick-up and drop-off, to merchandising and signage. These components can be combined in countless ways, ensuring your event is truly one-of-a-kind.

Two: Unique Venues

We are flexible with venues. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of a desert setting, complete with a Bedouin camp setup, or a specific location near the city, we can accommodate. No matter the setting, our team ensures the utmost safety and comfort.

Three: Personalized Driving Experiences

The driving experience itself can be tailored to your group’s preferences. We use our team of over 30 fully trained marshals and instructors to conduct these activities. They bring years of experience and extensive training to the table, ensuring an exciting, safe, and memorable adventure for your team. Self-driving options are also available for those seeking a more independent experience.

FOUR: Trained Professionals at Your Service

Our event management team is well-versed in executing successful corporate events. From initial consultation to event wrap-up, we ensure every detail is perfectly handled. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless, stress-free event that your team will be talking about for years to come.

Our service includes planning, location research, venue organization, dining setup, client pick-up and drop-off, merchandising, and signage.

Events can be held in the desert with a Bedouin camp setup, or at a specific location near the city.

We offer guided and self-driving options. These can be tailored based on the group’s preferences.

Our team consists of over 30 fully trained marshals and instructors who bring years of experience to the table.

Our mission at Dubai Offroaders is to provide unparalleled experiences that foster team building and create lasting memories. Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive corporate desert driving experiences.

This exclusive desert driving experience is guaranteed to bring your team together like never before. With Dubai Offroaders, you’re not just getting an event — you’re getting an experience.