Essential Course for Beginners in Wadi

What will you learn?

Price: 1,500 AED

In this course, you will learn how to drive on a high-traction, unstable surface without damaging your car. We’ll be teaching you about critical components of driving on rocks, such as wheel placement and steering angle. Additionally, you will also be taught about the different adjustments you can make that will let your vehicle reach its fullest potential: how to choose the correct transfer case setting and which gear in your transmission will allow your vehicle to crawl on the rocks with ease.

1st Session:

To start things off, you will be introduced to the concept of wadi driving. The instructor will go over the basics of off-roading in the mountains and ensure that your vehicle is in great shape. You will learn how to handle locking differentials, use traction control, and master driving modes if your vehicle doesn’t have a locking differential under the guidance of our experienced marshals. By the end of this session, you will be doing an exciting drive up a rocky mountain, putting your new skills to the test in a real-world scenario! Once you conquer obstacles and ascend the mountain, you’ll emerge as a skilled and confident driver, ready to navigate diverse terrains with finesse.

2nd Session:

The instructors will quickly recap the essentials from the first session. After the refresher, you’ll then face an exciting climb up a steeper mountain with a narrow trail, guided by our experienced marshals. This challenge goes beyond the physical aspects of the climb, it also equips you with the knowledge and experience needed to handle any mountain scenario confidently. This hands-on approach will be handy in testing and exercising the concepts that you explored in session one. As you navigate the challenging terrain, you’ll have a deep understanding of advanced mountain driving techniques, ready to tackle diverse challenges with experience and precision.

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Read some of our FAQs:

A: Most definitely. Only the driver needs to be registered as a student of the course.

A: Children below the age of five are not allowed to come along and children above five need to have a proper car seat installed until they are tall enough for the normal seatbelt of the car.

A: Firstly, because every high-quality product is. This course has been designed over the past five years to enable newcomers to become safe and capable drivers. It is structured and allows students to establish a strong foundation that helps them enjoy this adventure sport safely and to its full potential.

A: You can book online by clicking here or send us a WhatsApp on +971 56 799 1641 to confirm your booking.

A: Please give us a 48 hours advance notice to reschedule your booking, otherwise you risk losing 50% of your fee upon last-minute cancellation. If it is an emergency, we will understand and you will not be penalized.

A: We have first sessions starting every Saturday at 07:00 and Sunday at 14:00 and second sessions are scheduled according to the convenience of most of the participants. Please check our calendar for more information.