Driving in a Convoy – Roles and Rules

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    Driving in a Convoy is exciting and great fun, but there are certain rules that we should understand for easy movement of the Convoy and we also need to understand various parts of the convoy and the roles of each part.

    A car convoy is generally made up of three parts:

    * Lead Car (Marshall)

    * Members’ cars

    * Sweeper

    Lead Car Role

    1. The Lead will decide the convoy speed, movement, entrance, exits and stoppages. All cars need to respect lead car decisions. Lead Car adjusts speed at all times, remembering that the rear of the convoy may be a long way back. But depending on the distances and convoy performance.

    2. Lead Car will constantly view mirrors or radio the sweeper to check the performance back of the convoy.

    3. If a lot stuck, second attempt or encountered with traffic, animals or another convoy it may be necessary to pull over somewhere safely to reform.

    Members’ cars Role

    1. Do not overtake other member car unless of an emergency then get back in formation at the safe and available opportunity.

    2. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

    4. Do not let the car in front get out of sight and insure the car in back is following you incase you couldn’t see ether one or both of cars just stop in safe place and report to lead car or sweeper.

    Sweeper Role

    1. Keep visual contact with the Lead Car (if possible).

    2. Use 2 way radios or mobiles to contact Lead Car if necessary.

    3. When Lead Car indicates to pass, move over to prevent non-convoy cars interfering with the convoy. This also allows convoy to safely pass.

    4. Contact Lead Car if the cars at the rear have triple to pass/cross, stuck, second attempt,

    5. Ensure no member car interfere in any car recovery unless approved from lead car or sweeper.

    6. Ensure no member car is left behind.

    Rules to be followed.

    1) General Items

    Check your car prior to the convoy, ensure all fluids, tire pressure, etc… are in tiptop condition. Arrive at the starting point in plenty of time for the briefing on the route and destination of the trip. Please be ready to depart on time with a full fuel tank. If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip, please tell the Lead Car, Sweeper, and others. This is so that the group does not either, wait for you to catch up, or follow you.

    2) In case of difficulties or problems

    If a car gets in trouble, nobody in the convoy stops/interfere EXCEPT the sweeper. The sweeper will ensure everything is all right and the convoy must proceed on until a suitable stopping place is found.

    3) Take it easy

    Sometimes not everything goes as planned. Participants in a convoy usually have pretty high expectations and are loaded with anticipation of the day’s events. It is important to stay focused on the trip at hand and be able to relax when things get hectic.
    Do not judge on lead car (Marshall) or the sweeper in any decision they make.

    thanks a lot for reading and hope to see you all soon for some safe and fun :drive:

    June 14, 2015 at 6:37 pm #33248

    Good initiative Abdullah!!!
    Great advice for newbies and veterans alike.

    June 14, 2015 at 7:19 pm #33251

    Thanks Abdalla. Topic made into a “sticky” and put up as a page with links on the drives forums.

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    nice one abdalla !!! very useful one though

    June 16, 2015 at 6:38 am #33261

    Good Job Abdullah Bhai,

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