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    Hi there,
    I own a jeep since two years. I have tried to go off road multiple times but I failed drastically.
    everyone tells me that jeeps are very easy to drive in the desert.
    also can someone please clarify about the (Compatible radio pre-programmed to DO frequencies)
    where do I get it and how to program it ?


    Faateh Ahmad
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    Hi Aysha,

    Please join one of our trips and we will guide you on how to drive your jeep. Also, if you buy a radio from Dragon Mart, most vendors are familiar with our frequencies, however if you find one who is not, you can show them this;

    Channel (CH) —– Frequency (MHz)

    CH 1:——462.5625
    CH 2:——462.5875
    CH 3:——462.6125
    CH 4:——462.6375
    CH 5:——462.6625
    CH 6:——462.6875
    CH 7:——462.7125
    CH 8:——467.5625
    CH 9:——467.5875
    CH 10:—–467.6125
    CH 11:—–467.6375
    CH 12:—–467.6625
    CH 13:—–467.6875
    CH 14:—–467.7125

    Looking forward to seeing you on our drives.

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